Christopher Ryan Paintings
Olive Branch

Pavimenti seriesSiren

Pavimenti seriesTorcello Plates

Pavimenti seriesSilk Glove

Pavimenti seriesSkull and Birds

Pavimenti seriesLook & Scatter

Pavimenti seriesIn Perpetuity

Pavimenti seriesCondividere & Assiagiare panels
(Share & Taste)
Tourist seriesCerca Trova & Indulgenza panels
(Look and Find & Indulgence)
Tourist seriesGubbio CafeValdichiana in FallPitigliano viewLate Fall, GarrettsvilleWinter Light IIMiddlefield Road GaragePaper Mill LevelsPaper Mill Sunken PoolFactory InteriorPaper Mill ExcavationsLehon Houses
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This collections includes highlights from several series to present an overview of my professional interests over the past several years.